What I did before I passed adsense on dokuwiki


When you create a wiki type properly, you will cry

 It’s been a month since we launched dokuwiki. I must have spent hundreds of hours on it… I have achieved one thing. It’s just the beginning, but my motivation has gone through the roof.

 The current version of adsense does not work well with dokuwiki, and unless you have a lot of experience with it, I would recommend wordpress. If you have some ideas on how to make it work, you can create what you wanted in a wiki with wordpress.

 I’ve only found about a handful of sites on dokuwiki that have gone through the adsense application, so I hope this helps

1) Reduce the number of pages with no content as much as possible

 First thing they said: Low value ad space: no content

 There are many things that come to mind, and ideally I would like to reduce them to zero, but it is almost impossible to reduce them to zero after 450 pages have been created. There are many things that I can think of, and ideally I would like to reduce them to zero, but after creating 450 pages, it is almost impossible to reduce them to zero.The basic technique of creating pages with short alphanumeric characters and using the heading as the title of the page is not noticed, and after creating a mess of Japanese pages, rework them and If you’re just using it for yourself, you might as well use it for advertising. If you’re just using it for yourself, or if you plan to put ads on it, you should follow the above.


One of the weaknesses of dokuwiki is that if you paste an image normally, it jumps to the image’s detail page, so I made it jump to the pasted page itself.
It took a considerable amount of time, but we took action in this area and proceeded to the low-value ad space (site under construction)

2)Improve the quality of your content. Refer to the sites of the pioneers.

According to the pioneers’ sites, it is recommended to use 2000 characters per article as a benchmark, and that is what I aimed for, but it is impossible in a wiki format, and there is no way I could spend 2000 characters on equipment (such as Portion ). I tried to make it as simple as possible. If it were possible, I think it would have been better to use in-page links if it was originally known that this would be the case.

3) What we think was the decisive factor #1: Increasing the quality of the top page

 There are some sites that say that the top page is important, and my top page had the words “still in the process of trial and error”, about 200 words, and was a copy and paste of my free blog before I moved to the new site, so I fixed them and improved the quality. Thanks to this, the top page is now consistently at the top of the search results (it would be strange if it wasn’t in the first place)

4) What we think was the decisive factor, Part 2: Uploading ads.txt

I thought I could just upload it after it was approved, but the adsense home page told me to take action as soon as possible because some sites don’t have their ads.txt uploaded. Is it the free blogs first? At first, I thought it was the free blogs, and there was nothing I could do to upload it. I thought it was the free blogs, but when I read the help page, I found out that I don’t have to do anything for the free blogs that don’t allow uploading, so I decided to try uploading it to dokuwiki.
Here I applied one day after the last rejection, and was immediately accepted.

What I think now after passing the Adsense

It was a good learning experience, but I think it would have been better to plan well, and if possible, at least go through the practice site before making it.
Why didn’t you just use wordpress instead of dokuwiki? I think. The performance of wordpress is too good. I’m not sure if this is a good idea or not, but it’s a good idea. You should not compromise. I’m using X server, but I think mixhost might have been a better choice. I also think that mixhost would have been better. The speed is much different.
Hopefully this will be helpful to the next person who creates one.

Passed sites

Honor of Kings wiki

 As you can see especially on a smartphone, there is a default function to place ads on each page, but it is not that specialized (although it provides something easier than going around placing ads on each page). I’ve spent about 100 times as much time placing ads as I did on this site, but this is the best I could do… wordpress is the best.